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    Two gays fist each other simultaneously

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    33 Min

    Sitting on his bike, Rick looks at Dean like at a nice little tidbit that he would well have on the tip of the dick, and more if greed... But just as his friend, Dean is not the type of getting enough with a simple sodomy. No, what he gets more off, it's getting butt-fucked during a good fist fucking! Then, after have sucked each other's dick and jerked off until orgasm, Dean gets watered with cum and piss before sitting on a sling. There, the guy gets licked the anus and then fucked well deep by Rick's long dick who is moaning of pleasure. A dildo stroke to open his asshole even more and finally he is ready to be fisted! While his fist visits the privacy of his colleague, Rick has a strong desire to get fucked his ass. Without leaving his hand from Dean's opening, he turns to offer his anus to be fisted. A few seconds later, the two lads, fist mutually the ass before Rick does not end on the sling the anus completely out ...

    A handsome sportsman is having a medical examination ;-)!

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    22 Min

    A handsome, virile athlete is having his annual medical evaluation. The doctor who consults him instantly succumbs to his charms and starts to fondle his shoulders and to undress him! He quickly gets the idea... and since he likes the doctor, he doesn't have to be asked twice to swallow his cock!!! The latter is so thrilled that he sucks him off in turn and licks his bumhole like a nasty sod. Then our sportsman displays his strength by sodomizing the Doctor with hard cock strokes! These two horny goers get an immense kick out of it! At the end, the doctor jerks off and comes on the athlete's chest, while the latter shoots his spunk on the other's face... A great scene of sex between guys!!!

    Champ Robinson fucks Kayden Pierce

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    33 Min

    Barely time to get sucked that Champ already finds himself screwing the ass of his friend. Decidedly the guy is eager to dip his big dick in this little creamy hole ! A few minutes later, the camera shoots closeup the anus dripping cum of a Kayden tired after an intense fuck.

    He gets delivered a good bitch to fuck without moderation

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    18 Min

    When Jim Ferro wants to fuck a little firm ass, he uses the express delivery service of his favorite site and a few minutes later, a hunk ready to be used is delivered to the desired address. Jim takes from the transport his nice package, a beautifully beefy guy, gagged and masked that he hastens to water with piss. Then, after removing his metal gag, he shoves his dick decorated with a big horseshoe in the mouth. A good blowjob very dirty later, Jim goes on with a manly sodomy that ends with a cumshot on the balls of his very docile slave.

    Well-deserved rest and heavy testes

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    15 Min

    Two soldiers are having their days off but they don't go to see their wives like everybody else does. These two lads would rather spend some time alone and have a cuddle far from prying eyes. So as they're lying down on the bed with their beautiful Apollo bodies, they lick each other's armpits before grabbing one another's prick and putting it in each other's mouth. They suck and jerk each other off thoroughly and once they have a full erection, they initiate a passionate sex session. They butt fuck one another in turn, enjoying each cock stroke deep inside each other's tiny anus. A proper 69 afterwards, and off they go for a dry anal pounding by the book. It feels so good that they cannot hold back any longer and it all ends with a stream of spunk. These gay soldiers are genuine horny buggers.

    Black & White at the top of the pleasure

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    21 Min

    What could be sexier than a nice ethnic interbreeding? John decides to join Kevin in the bathroom. Getting extremely horny, John starts with a deep blowjob making his friend shiver with pleasure before pounding his ass doggy style. Watching them biting their tongues must be a real delight. John doesn’t resist any longer so he lays him down and then he screws him doggy style. He proves to be a good lover and makes his partner cum before he unloads his jizz on his stomach. The two guys look into each other’s eyes, still aroused after the anal sex session they have just offered themselves…it surely is a nice couple!

    A good shot in the ass early in the morning

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    20 Min

    In the morning, the first thing that these two hunks do is to touch each other's dick. It must be said that a morning erection, it's not something to miss! Then, very quickly, the dick of the one that is still not awaken finishes in the mouth of his friend. Nothing better like getting sucked in the morning and to get buggered. But before getting to work, the guy does last the foreplay a little longer in a very voracious sixty-nine. A lick on the ass and let's go for a good sodomy as we love! While he fucks his buddy, this one jerks off his dick the eyes closed so that's good. Now that he has the asshole dilated, his buddy takes the opportunity to put a long dildo inside before taking a steel one. One last dick stroke in his mouth and he has only to cum in his face !

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