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    Gay threesome in the public WC

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    34 Min

    Sebastien is a big slut with a very horny ass that loves to chase very hard dicks in public WC. Today, the lad is going to find two good dicks to swallow. Those of Diego, a good Latin slut and Todd, a beefy sucker who will have for the occasion the role of the ass fucker !

    Little submissive gay whore gets buggered well hard

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    52 Min

    It starts hard for this slut to goatee, as he gets fucked by a beefy guy like an ordinary bag of potatoes. Trampled to Doc Martens, spit watered and hit like a punching bag, he finds himself quickly to suck the big dick of his executioner dressed all in leather. As well tell you now, this little pervert loves it! After a slobbery blowjob, here he gets peed on before slapping his ass with a battledore. Harnessed and suspended by elastic bands, this slut with the buttocks wide open, appreciates fully the entry of his friend's dick in his insatiable anus ! And there he is starting to get massacred his ass for 20 minutes! It was not less than needed to satisfy this little bastard's ass!

    Sodomite nap between guys who love the dick

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    27 Min

    It has been nearly two hours this beautiful brown with eyes takes a nap. When he wakes up, his eyes and his smile are an invitation to fuck and his boyfriend can not resist. Directly, the black comes closer to kiss him before eating his nipples. Then lying on his back he invites his buddy to come suck his dick. Once sucking his dick, the beautiful brown never gets tired of sucking this beautiful soft and silky dick. That said, he will have no difficulty recovering on the back to get his dick sucked and his ass screwed by his boyfriend who is rather greedy too ! After this good warmup, the Latin with the clear eyes gets on all fours, the ass in the air and the head on the pillow while the black is visiting his ass with his beautiful well hard dick. Suffice to say that he will adore this dick ! In doggy style, riding, side or back, you will hear this little bastard grunting of enjoyment before watering his belly of heavy cum shots!

    A group of buddies get butt-fucked in the early morning

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    14 Min

    Arriving to their house in the country for the weekend, a gang of friends rushes to the room to satisfy their sexual urges. We soon witness greedy blowjobs and the twinks take their time to lick the shaved balls. These young guys are going to get bum-fucked in turn in all positions and get blown as you have rarely seen. They lick each other’s anus in order to lubricate and prepare the holes and they get a mind-blowing orgasm under the rain of cock strokes. After many minute of hot intercourse they unload their jizz on the body of one of their friends who seems delighted to get his shower of morning cum.

    This fake doctor is gonna give you a thorough examination!

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    16 Min

    Here’s a twink who disguised himself as a doctor and receives a young guy to whom he’s gonna explain as best he can that he needs to undress him to better determine if he’s in good health... The guy lets himself go without suspecting that this little pervert gets off on it like a bastard. He touches his cock from underneath the jeans and even starts to gently jerk him off. Then the examination continues orally, the doctor sucking the guy off, making him lick his finger. Then the doctor swaps role and becomes the patient to get his dick and ass palpated in turn. Eventually, the patient decides to butt-fuck the doctor to give him what he was looking for and ends up unloading on him...

    After a good shower I like getting my dick sucked by a guy

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    12 Min

    A young twink guy built like a Greek god is in his shower, scrubbing himself where appropriate. He lingers over every part of his body and the least we can say is that this little shower is really hot. He finally comes out and wipes his muscular chest before doing the same on the rest of the body. With his chest still dripping wet, he sits down in a corner to rest a bit and put some moisturizing cream on him. So he applies it, lingering over his pectorals and abdominals of hunk, while looking at the camera. He’s a super cute twink and we can better see the reason why he’s in this movie. Then he’s joined by a friend of his well-determined to suck him off and why not, go even further. Therefore, the long-haired bloke gives him one hell of a blowjob, so now our guy’s dick is as stiff and long as a pole. And speaking of poles, he thrusts his knob right into the ass of the lad with dark, long hair who couldn’t wait for this treatment from the very beginning. He gives him a good anal fuck before spraying his cum on his small, dilated anus. Then he rubs the creamy jizz into his hole before fisting him a bit. No less than 6 fingers to stretch this small cock garage.

    Sodomy in a floral park

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    17 Min

    Three young ass and dick addict were given appointments in the floral park out of sight. In the center of the trio, a little blond focuses all his attention on the two lads that he jerks off, and soon everyone has a fully erect dick. The time to reposition the cover, and now our three friends suck each other in chain. The brown who is the only one not getting sucked, sucks the dick of which he has to take good care as if his life depended on it. This is by far the most voracious of the three, and seeing him dealing with the dick of his pals is a show that you cannot get enough. Except, perhaps, when it comes to see the little blond getting screwed his ass pressed against a wall. After pounding him intensely, this slut has no more than just to get his body covered of cum by his two friends before enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

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