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    A Nasty Doctor Assbanged by His Patient

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    24 Min

    A nasty doctor takes advantage of the lunch break and starts to wank in the resting room. A patient is looking for him to get examined. The latest takes off his clothes and the doctor starts the examination by... pumping up his swollen dick! He first sucks it heartily then he swallows it up. The doctor overlaps the guy and once his cock is well firm, he dives it deep into his tight bumhole, wanking meanwhile. Come and see him getting his ass pounded like a wild animal!

    Two 18-year-old trainees shaft at the office

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    25 Min

    Feng and Jean Marie are fed up with doing overtime for nothing. We must say that until 18, one has his mind on other things than work! One Friday evening, when the office was empty, they were roped into finishing an urgent report. Feng is the first to crack up, so he joins JM in his open box and starts fondling his chest tenderly before chewing on his ear. The latter stops pretending to be working and kisses his friend, pawing his buttocks with one hand while fondling the hump of penis with the other. Feng is extremely hot, he takes out his Asian cock and gives it to JM who licks it voraciously. But Feng is the passive type and soon lets his partner run the show. As JM asks him to gobble off his prick in turn, he stimulates his anus manually. His fingers half-open the Asian's arsehole, making him groan with pleasure, mouth filled up. Once JM's dick gets fully erected, Feng impales himself on it in one go. The latter is crazy with desire, mind-blowingly riding his manhood to and fro and jerking off into a frenzy at the same time. He shoots thick loads of cum but JM keeps shafting him violently. He flips him over on his desk and starts pounding his tight little butt energetically. Blown away by his orgasm, Feng yells with pleasure at the top of his lungs. Really hard!

    Juicy cock brochette for poker mates...

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    18 Min

    Four married guys meet regularly to play pocker. This fake beard hides their common passion for the cock feasts. As soon as they reach their hide-out they pounce on one another’s cock and start a feast of blowjobs and wild sodomy. Their tongues join each other, their butts gets pounded and the balls get empty quickly!

    A black and a blond pair up together for an anal screw

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    14 Min

    A handsome black guy built like a Greek god is planted on some potato net bags, getting his cock sucked by a blond well-determined to make him go up the wall. But obviously, the opposite will happen since the black guy, as a big gourmand, wants a blond’s small ass. The latter, a great lover of sex and mainly of interracial sodomy, spreads his small buttocks apart so that the pretty, ebony twink tears his anus up. He butt-fucks him so hard and it feels so good, that the blond, pressing his head against a tomato tray, can't help but bite into it. The black lad gives him a good anal fuck and can’t wait to see his partner eat his freshly-squeezed cum. Then he withdraws and sprays his semen on the young twink’s mouth, who takes turns at unloading on his belly, spreading the jizz with relish in a few spasms with pleasure.

    Nice physical performance for a first class passive!

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    23 Min

    As luck would have it, the most passive guy in the gang was drawn by lot to serve as a penis garage! He masturbates and gives head to each bloke in turn. Some lads hold his hair, while others give him their prick to suck. In the standing position, he puts one leg on the floor and raises the other one on the billiard table. A guy spits on his arsehole before giving him a rim job. The latter keeps sucking. He has his both legs on the floor while the guys bugger him. Leaned forward, the chaps drool over his little hole and screw him one after another. On top of the billiard table, in doggie fashion or lying down, he literally gets his anus torn up. Next, another little blowjob before getting sandwich-fucked. As he lays down on his back upon the floor, his mates shoot their load on his chest and belly. He jerks himself off and reaches climax. He's got a mouthful of spunk!

    Three beautiful cocks to suck in a gay sauna

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    35 Min

    Sitting in the heat of the sauna, two dick suckers look at each other with hostility. In the first game who will be the first to release his dick, it is the beautiful mature male who wins and gets out his beautiful cock before approaching the bearded brown with an ass as hell. The two kiss and hug while touching the dick and tickling the asshole. In the heat of the moment, our two friends do not even see that a guy is watching them at the entrance of the room. A great surprise that the both gays welcome with a smile. As a conductor, the bearded does a hanjob to his two partners simultaneously before kneeling to suck them one after the other as a voracious. Voracious, his two friends also are, and they do not hesitate to prove it when the time comes. After this good blowjob session, it is time to lubricate with the tongue the ass of the bearded, before buggering him. Lying on your back, legs in the air this bastard fixes the guy who buggers in the eyes with an approving look. After being buggered on both sides, here he gives way at last came the passive who has well hard to suck so intense is his ass enjoyment...

    Gay strip poker

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    21 Min

    A group of gay friends play strip poker or at least a card game which consists in taking off a piece of clothing as soon as you don’t have a good hand. Little by little, under the enthusiastic looks of these gentlemen, the clothes fall and leave our cute guys stark naked. It is no longer the time to play and as all this turned them on, they move to nastier games. It is a nice orgy in the middle of the living-room that we can witness. They all get a blowjob by their stiff and heavy cocks and get bum-fucked joyfully. It is a rain of cock strokes, the movements become easier as their tiny anuses get screwed. They all enjoy anal sex and the group orgasm. They all come at the same time on a handsome dark-haired guy completely tanned lying on the floor and enjoying all these facial cumshots and above all this cum running down his chest.

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