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    Dating between big dicks

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    22 Min

    In this video store a bit special, a back room hosts free the largest gay dicks in the neighborhood. When a super cute guy enters this dark room, where you can feel a delicious smell of cum, he discovers a horde of hunks kissing and sucking breathlessly. Very soon, he finds himself with a big black dick in the hand. Gently, he jerks off the prick eyeing its owner with his aspect of a little slut. Soon, the two managers of the institution also arrive to unsheathe their beautiful puffed dicks to give food to this group of hungry people! After being well sucked, they all go to their small cumshot to give us a real flood of cum !

    Oral deflowering in the foamball team

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    11 Min

    This is a black football team a bit special: when they finish the head training game and the penalty shootouts, they still have to learn the cock game and the ass shots. The main players line up in a row and make a wall, holding their cock in their hand. On their knees, the young recruits show their motivation by blowing them one by one. They masturbate and suck off defenders, midfielders and strikers until each one of them shoots a sticky penalty kick in long streams into the inexperienced mouths. We don't know whether the best cocksucker will play in the next game, but this is a team where only the benches are on the sidelines...

    Young recruits trained the hard way by their examiner.

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    35 Min

    A recruiting officer gives little tests to the new recruits. He has adapted a little bit his method to make the most of these beautiful muscled bodies that offer themselves to him. Arriving at his office, the household guy is about to wank himself, what odd barracks to say the least… The interviews begin and the first candidate has to get naked so that the officer can check if he is in good shape. He is well-endowed and the examiner fondles his body touching his cock. But he has to leave his office so the household man takes advantage of this opportunity and screws the recruit, a handsome naked male. They have sex, then comes anus licking and anal pounding, they suck each other thoroughly and they satisfy themselves to finish by cumming on the buttocks. The cherry on the cake is the threesome, the military service might be pleasant in these barracks…

    Sodomy at the cafeteria

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    17 Min

    While eating their midday meal later then the rest of the team, two gay co-workers manage to synchronize their desire. What a dangerous game this apparently innocent work lunch is! Starting off with a passionate snog, our two professional ‘French-kissers’ gradually strip off at the very tables of the small erotic cafeteria. Since things go right and they couldn't care less about the noise they make, our two dark-haired perverts in their thirties express themselves afterwards, naked, through one hell of a hot annilingus, lubricating each other’s butthole for the upcoming deep sodomy. A good cumshot and they set off again on several working hours...

    Construction guys having sex break

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    19 Min

    Two construction guys, one shaven-headed and the other one bearded, have been working together since the day started and seriously need a little break. On the other hand, the older one doesn’t know that his work colleague is really into him and that he can’t stop touching his hard dick in his pants as soon as the other one’s back is turned. The cock-hungry worker summons up his courage and takes advantage of the break moment to grab his pal’s knob in his pants. To his great surprise, the latter lets himself be sucked off without grumbling. The bearded guy stuffs himself with the enormous cock and just the thought of getting deeply buggered makes his ass all wet. But, overaroused, his buddy can’t hold back and sprays all of his cum on his face.

    Tattooed bad boy wants to get buggered

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    31 Min

    Logan McCree is a beautiful male with a greedy ass as his tattooed body is just to tell you! In this scene, this slut will get pounded his asshole by Wilfried Knight, a very handsome guy very voracious for dick. Here, no combination will be left aside, the two lads will suck each other's dick very hard before licking their ass and buggering for maximum pleasure. Finally, these two hunks will thoroughly suck, lick greedily, bugger deep and cum over ... what a happiness!

    Turn around, I'll pound your ass

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    37 Min

    Brent is lying on the couch when his friend Conner arrives. Turning the head, he discovers a big dildo hidden under a cushion. The pretext is to find everything to fiddle his boyfriend before taking his mouth passionately. Impatient, Connor unbuttons Brent's pants to suck his dick languorously. Very fast, the two boys kiss again before Brent starts to suck his buddy's dick. Then the big dildo left side gives an opportunity to Conner to bugger his pal's ass while sucking rather handy! Anyway, this is a good warm-up before fucking him with his own dick. If he likes fucking, Connors does not like asses less that getting buggered by Brent's well timed basin moves. Now that everyone took his dick blow, there is no longer to empty his balls before licking up every last drop!

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